By applying our mission: ‘Offering high quality, technically advanced, highly personalized ICT applications development and support using available technologies which best suite our customers’ needs at the right price’. We have discovered that particular technological needs are required for the Antillean and Aruba market. Many of these required technological solutions do exist on the market but either are to expensive or does not cover the required functionalities scope.

EMERY has successfully developed a wide range of solutions. We proudly invite our customers and prospective customers to test our solutions. EMERY has developed a tailored Mail & Document Management System (MDMS) which is especially designed for local small companies. This application will enable these companies to have an electronic Web based scalable archive system. Consisting of the following functionalities:


    Role based authorizations

    Web base applications  
    Up to 10 levels of subcategories  
    Flexible search capabilities  
    Interfacing capabilities with email and SMS platforms  
    Detailed audit trail  


    If you are interested in testing our tailored Mail & Document Management System (MDMS) click Here