Although web-base applications are the most wanted applications, Windows base application is sometimes needed and necessary. Windows base applications are most of the time needed as back-end application that communicate between databases and other services or applications. In those cases real-time high speed applications that can do the job is required instead of fancy web-base applications.

This is one of reasons why EMERY is still supporting and developing Windows base applications. We have development expertise in the following Windows base applications:

Borland Delphi
Borland Kylix for Linux
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Studio 6
Microsoft Visual Studio.Net
Internet is the communication medium of the future. Millions of people all over the world surf the net every day looking for news, product or just to communicate with some else on the Internet. The demand for dynamic and interactive websites has grown enormous in the last 2 years, traditional static Websites are making way for these new technologies. EMERY is aware about this new trend and has also entered this line of service. EMERY can develop semi-dynamic or fully dynamic websites. Fully dynamic websites are know as web-portals where new web-pages can be created on the fly. The development tools used by EMERY to develop web-applications are :
Microsoft Front page
Macromedia Deamweaver
Macromedia Flash
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Visual Interdev 6
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Microsoft Framework SDK
Microsoft ASP.NET WebMatrix
Iron Speed
Performance of many tailored made applications such as Access has decreased because of data increase in recent years. This service degradation of the various applications leads to overall productivity decrease. Customers on the regular bases requires enhancement to various applications. Because of these various issues EMERY introduced the Applications optimization line of service which specifically focuses on improving the productivity of the applications thus improving your overall applications performance.

Business small and large are using ICT to assist them in conducting their daily business activities. Many small companies because of their size cannot afford to have in-house ICT support. Some large companies prefer to outsource their ICT applications support because of the constant changes and the level of complexity involved in applications support.

For these customers EMERY can provide support for:

Windows operating systems
Microsoft Office applications
Microsoft Access

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of electronic data is becoming more and more important for all types of business. Being able to safely store data and retrieve this data whenever required is very important for companies large and small. This is why EMERY has a staff of trained professionals capable of supporting databases on the daily or call in bases.

EMERY supports high end and others databases such as:

Microsoft SQLServer
Networks are like highways that connect different Cities to each other, sometimes these network become congested or because of traffic jams the information does not reach the recipient. EMERY assists it customers by providing network administration to detect manage or correct any network issues. This service also includes workstation administration such as updating patches installing and tuning of primarily Microsoft based applications and setup of support activities.
Companies online are vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Hackers and viruses can impair your ICT operations for a long periods of time, prevention and minimalization of the risk is the key to avoiding these situations. Our well trained staff can support your companies with setting up and monitoring of their network security.
EMERY also conducts audits of networks and can even perform ethical hacking just for you to have a piece of mind.
EMERY employs certified SAP consultants which understand the importance of ERP systems for large companies. EMERY is capable of setting up an SAP implementation, performing the implementation and provide support during the products lifecycle.
Having an idea and the budget is a start, but planning the project and taking subject such as, Time, Budget, Quality, Information and Organization into account assist in determining success. Our certified Prince2 project managers can not only plan a project from beginning to end but can also manage a project from start to finish.
Some strategic ideas require different projects in order to become a reality. Other strategic ideas are vague and complex and have a huge business impact and require differs various types of expertise. These scenarios can form the basis for considering programs over projects. EMERY can identify and plan an entire program planning and operate as program manager or assist the in-house program manager.
Organizations do not stop operating because the absence of the ICT manager, or have special (re)organization assignments that require the presence of an Interim ICT manager for a predefined period of time. EMERY managers have various years of ICT management experience and are capable of managing changes for predefined periods of time or just keep an eye on ICT operations during the absence of important ICT personnel.
EMERY has developed a tailored Mail & Document Management System (MDMS) which is especially designed for local small companies. This application will enable these companies to have an electronic Web based archive system.
  EMERY offers services in the field of:
  Application development
  Website development
  Applications optimization
  Application support
  Network administration
  ICT network security
  ICT network audits
  SAP support
  Project management
  Program management
  Interim ICT management
  Solutions provider